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Compression Knee Sleeves - For a better and safer workout

Compression Knee Sleeves - For a better and safer workout

Compression Knee Sleeves - For a better and safer workout

Purpose of Compression Knee Sleeves

In just about any fitness center, you will find people wearing compression knee sleeves as they perform their workout. Runners wear them. Weightlifters wear them. And perhaps most often, you will see compression knee sleeves being worn by people performing squats, leg lifts, and curls. The reason is simple. Compression knee sleeves provide compression and warmth to the knees which translates into many areas of benefit.

The Benefits of Compression Knee Sleeves

The benefits of compression knee sleeves are fourfold:

  • Knee Support. During workouts, there is a lot of stress and pressure that is placed on the joints of the body, especially the knees. Since compression knee sleeves hold the knee tightly in place and heighten the body's awareness of its movements and actions, they help to ensure the proper flexing of the knees. This enables you to perform exercises that use the knees with better form which translates into improved performance and increased safety.
  • Blood Flow. Compression knee sleeves improve the circulation of your blood and increases oxygenation. This alleviates pain and swelling and enables you to exercise longer without hurting your knees. And if you do have sore knees from a previous workout or overuse, this helps to you to continue your daily workout without further stressing or damaging your knees.
  • Faster Recovery. Just as compression knee sleeves provide support to your knees while you are performing your workout, they also continue to provide support to your knees after your workout. Simply leave the compression knee sleeves on post-workout and they will keep your knees warm, improve the flow of blood in the surrounding area of the knees, and reduce the pain and swelling associated with your workout.
  • Comfort and Protection. Last but certainly not least, one of the biggest benefits of compression knee sleeves are that they provide comfort and protection to your knees during your workout. Many exercises that you do, especially stretching exercises, require your knees to be on the ground. Often, this means placing your knees on a hard wood floor, or placing your knees on a synthetic, astroturf-like carpet which can result in cuts and scratches to your knees. And worse, a hard and sudden impact of your kneecap to a hard floor can result in a bruise to your kneecap which can be painful, limit the exercises that you can do, and take weeks to recover.


Though there are many different types of people that workout and they can have very different goals and objectives for their workout, they all have two things in common. Categorically, they all want a better workout and a safer workout. Enter compression knee sleeves. They will improve the performance of your knees and help keep you knees free from stress, strain, and injury. If you don't have a pair in your gym bag, now's the time to add them!

Uvoider Compression Knee Sleeves – Sizes and Product Information

Sizes and Product Information

Uvoider Compression Knee Sleeve - Black/Grey
Uvoider Compression Knee Sleeve - Black/Grey
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
Average rating:
average rating 100%

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