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UV Half Headwear (UPF 30+)

Headwear Features

Uvoider UV Half Headwear - About

The Uvoider UV Half Headwear is one accessory you cannot do without! Shorter than its full size counterpart, it offers a stylish and more versatile alternative to the regular headband. Soft, stretchy, seamless, and lightweight with UPF 30+, it keeps you comfortable whether you are indoors in the gym, at home, or outdoors doing a variety of sports and activities.

This half-size headwear is especially useful as a headband or sweatband under a helmet as it has less fabric and does not bunch up like the full size headwear. It is a great item to keep hair out of your eyes, to protect your ears from the wind, or just to sport a different look.

Uvoider UV Half Headwear - Features

UPF 30+

  • UPF 30+ protection against UV rays
  • Blocks 97% of harmful UV radiation
  • Breathable, moisture wicking and quick-drying, keeping you cool
  • Anti-bacterial and odor resistant: moisture wicking fabric which reduces moisture and odor-causing bacteria build up that start to smell
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Seamless, soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear
  • Multifunctional and may be worn in many ways
  • Stylish and available in many colors and designs
  • 100% polyester
  • Machine wash and dry
  • One size fits most
  • Approx. W9.75 x H9.5 inches

Uvoider UV Half Headwear - How to Wear

For illustrations on how to wear Uvoider UV Full Headwear, please refer to our How to wear page.

UV Half Headwear 101 Animal Print
UV Half Headwear 103 Cherry Blossoms
UV Half Headwear 106 Rainbow
UV Half Headwear 108 Black
UV Half Headwear 111 Red
UV Half Headwear 111 Red
$4.00 $9.99
Average rating:
average rating 90%
UV Half Headwear 112 Cobalt Blue
UV Half Headwear 113 Fuchsia
UV Half Headwear 115 Purple
UV Half Headwear 116 Light Pink
UV Half Headwear 119 Yellow
UV Half Headwear 120 Hot Tomato

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