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Do Cooling Towels Work? Yes!

Do Cooling Towels Work

A picture is worth a thousand words. As can be seen in the above photo, the Uvoider Cooling Towels provide instant cooling. This is why cooling towels are so popular. Athletes in every sport use cooling towels. Members of gyms and fitness centers use cooling towels. Outdoor enthusiasts, beach goers, Disney visitors, and people that work or have fun in the sun use cooling towels. Why? Do cooling towels really work? In a word, yes!

Uvoider Cooling Towels – Instant Cooling

The Uvoider Cooing Towels are designed to provide instant cooling. Constructed with micro-mesh material that is lightweight, breathable, and very soft, the Uvoider Cooling Towels cool you down with instant relief that is approximately 35 degrees less than the temperature of your body.

Uvoider Cooling Towels – How They Work

The Uvoider Cooling Towels operate on the principle of evaporative cooling. This is the reduction of a surface temperature that occurs when the evaporation of a liquid takes place. To achieve this, you simply wet the towel, wring it out, and then snap and swing the towel. As the above picture shows, this results in instant cooling.

Uvoider Cooling Towels – Long Lasting

The Uvoider Cooling Towels cool instantly and stays cool for up to 2 hours, depending on weather conditions, so you can be more comfortable in the heat and continue to do what you enjoy and love when the temperature rises.

Uvoider Cooling Towels – Styles

The Uvoider Cooling Towels are available in two styles; The All Purpose Cooling Towel and The Ultra Soft Cooling Towel.

  • The All Purpose Cooling Towel: Super absorbent, soft, comfortable, lightweight, UPF50+, mesh techno fabric, quick dry, breathable, folds and packs easily, machine washable, indoor and outdoor use.
  • The Ultra Soft Cooling Towel: Super absorbent, soft, comfortable, lightweight, premium stretch knit techno fabric so it is very stretchy, quick dry, breathable, folds and packs easily, machine washable, indoor and outdoor use.

Uvoider Cooling Towels – Colors

All Purpose Cooling Towels
Ultra Soft Cooling Towels

Uvoider Cooling Towels – Size

The Uvoider Cooling Towels are wider than most, providing more coverage and cooling for a wider surface area. The size of the Uvoider Cooling Towels is 14.5 x 39 inches (36 x 99 cm).

Uvoider Cooling Towels – Reusable Mesh Bag

The Uvoider Cooling Towels come in a reusable mesh bag that is large enough to store your mobile phone and keys while at the gym or workout session, or can be used to store essential travel toiletries. The cooling towels store and pack easily and are ideal for travel.

Uvoider Cooling Towels – Applications

The potential applications for Uvoider Cooling Towels are unlimited. Below are just a few of many examples of how Uvoider Cooling Towels can provide cooling, comfort, and relief.

  • Sports (tennis, golf, cycling, running, football, baseball, etc.)
  • Exercise (cross fit, weight lifting, treadmill, cardio, etc.)
  • Outdoor activities (beach going, boating, hunting, fishing, hiking, etc.)
  • Outdoor work (lawn, garden, construction, landscaping, etc.)
  • Cold and flu (fever, headache, hot flashes, etc.)
  • Travelling (driving, sightseeing, touring, etc.)


The Uvoider Cooling Towels provide instant cooling. Lightweight, easy to pack, use, clean and stow, these cooling towels are a useful item and clever addition to any sports bag, backpack, or travel kit. If you are not already a user, then you should add the Uvoider Cooling Towels to your list of new products and gift ideas to try.

Uvoider Cooling Towels – More Information

Uvoider Instant Cooling Towels