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Sports and Travel Towel Set 3 Orange

Sports and Travel Towel Set 3 Orange - Sizes M and L

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  • Set of 2 Towels:
  • SIZE MEDIUM: Approx. 15 x 35 inches / 38 x 88 cm
  • SIZE LARGE: Approx. 29 x 59 inches / 74 x 149 cm
  • Fabric: Microfiber - 80% polyester, 20% Nylon
  • Machine wash cool with like colors or hand wash. Do not use bleach or softeners.
  • Imported
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: These soft, luxurious, high quality microfiber towels are gentle on face, body and skin, and suitable for adults, children, and even pets.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND ULTRA COMPACT: Uvoider Sports & Travel Towels are lightweight and weigh less than half the weight of regular cotton towels. They are ultra compact and pack well for camping and travel, taking up about 8x less space than regular cotton or terry cloth towels. You will have more space in your luggage or backpack for other essentials.
  • SUPER ABSORBENT AND QUICK DRYING: The Uvoider Sports & Travel Towels are super absorbent and absorb up to 5 times its weight in water. It is fast drying and dries 10x faster than regular cotton towels - no more wet towels in the car, backpack or gym bag.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: These are the perfect towels for camping, picnics, backpacking, hiking, climbing, fishing, sports, yoga, gym and fitness, beach, pool, running, biking, travel and more. They are also great for drying pets.
  • SAND-FREE: These are the perfect beach towels as they do not trap sand. Simply shake sand off before packing the towels.
  • HANDY SNAP LOOP: The towels come with a handy snap loop so that you can hang your towel anywhere to dry quickly. This is especially useful when you are camping outdoors. Easily hang the towels on a tree or on a curtain rod in the RV and they will dry in no time.
  • SIZE MEDIUM: Approx. 15 x 35 inches / 38 x 88 cm
  • SIZE LARGE: Approx. 29 x 59 inches / 74 x 149 cm
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT: The Uvoider Sports & Travel Towel comes in a nice, easy to carry, reusable mesh bag that would make a great gift.
  • PERFECT FACE AND BATH TOWELS FOR THE HOME: Switch from regular cotton or terry towels to Uvoider Sports & Travel microfiber face and bath towels for your home, say goodbye to the musty smell of wet towels in your bathroom and experience the wonders these microfiber towels have to offer.
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