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Instant Cooling Towel Uses

Instant Cooling Towel Uses

Some call it multifunctional, some call it versatile, and some call it practical. Whatever you call it, instant cooling towels are very useful. On account of how well instant cooling towels cool, how long the coolness of the towel lasts, and their lightness of weight and size, these towels are perfect for a very wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities and cooling needs, not to mention health and wellness needs. How many of the following instant cooling towel uses are applicable to you?

Instant Cooling Towel Uses

Workouts (Peloton, Treadmill, StairMaster, Weightlifting)

There are many different ways to go about working out such as burning calories to lose weight, lifting weights to develop muscles, stretching muscles to develop flexibility, and healthy heart exercises to help you lower your blood pressure, reduce LDL “bad” cholesterol, and increase HDL “good” cholesterol. During and after your workout, your instant cooling towel will help you keep going and help you cool down. Wear it around your neck as you run, cycle, or lift.

Sports (Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Running, Football, Baseball, Basketball)

In just about every sport, athletes expend energy, get hot, and sweat. Almost always, remaining cool and comfortable is key to performing at your best. Professional tennis players use instant cooling towels during the court change over breaks. On hot days, golfers use instant cooling towels to fight off the heat. Runners and cyclists can be seen wearing instant cooling towels around their neck for ongoing cooling and comfort. Football, baseball, and basketball players often use cooling towels, especially in hot weather games, to fight off the heat and remain cool.

Outdoor Activities (Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Boating)

On account of their size and weight, instant cooling towels are especially useful to outdoor enthusiasts as they can easily fit in a pocket or be worn around the neck or on the head. Much like a bandanna, only far more versatile and effective.

Recreation (Theme Park, Outdoor Events, Picnicking and Beach Going)

If you have been to an outdoor park, especially a theme park, an outdoor event like a concert or ball game, or a picnic or day at the beach, then you know all too well how hot and sweaty you can become on even a moderately warm day. The constant walking around, waiting in line, and just being in the sun can leave you hot and tired. You can use your instant cooling towel to cool down and refresh time and time again, all throughout the day.

Outdoor Workers (Lawn & Garden, Construction, Fire & Rescue)

For many outdoor workers, an instant cooling towel is not just a nice thing to have and use from time to time, but an essential piece of work gear. Outdoor workers that work in the direct sun need to take breaks. In some states, they are required by law to take breaks and many companies have company policies that require outdoor workers to take breaks. Simply put, if you are working in the hot sun you need to take care of yourself. You need to take breaks and cool down. Instant cooling towels can help you.

Drivers (Delivery, Postal Carriers, Long Haulers, Vacationers, Bikers)

Did you know that many delivery vehicles do not have air conditioning and just about all US Postal Trucks do not have air conditioning. And even with air conditioning, if you are on a long drive with the sun shining brightly on you, you will get hot no matter how low you set your air conditioning. Wearing a cooling towel around your neck or over your head like a scarf will give you quite a bit of relief. And you can hold it in front of your air conditioner to activate the evaporative cooling properties of the towel. A great way to cool, dry, and comfortable as you drive.

Health & Wellness (Temperatures, Hot Flashes, Dizziness, Exhaustion)

When you are outright sick or even just a little bit under the weather, your body temperature can increase causing you to feel hot and uncomfortable. Other times, when you are perfectly healthy, you can have a sudden hot flash or experience dizziness and exhaustion. When this happens, you need to rest and cool down. An instant cooling towel can be a great aid in fighting off a fever or quelling a sudden hot flash. For a fever, lie down and put the cooling towel on your forehead. For a hot flash or just to cool down in general, you can wear the cooling towel around your neck or over your head like a scarf.

Living Conditions (Hot Climate, Power Outage, Conservation Related)

For people that live in hot climates, it can often be difficult and expensive to keep all the rooms in your house cool. The morning sun heats on side of the house and then the afternoon sun heats the other side. Even a well insulated home can become warmer in certain spots and at certain times of the day than you would like. Rather than cranking up the air conditioning, you can use an instant cooling towel to conserve energy and stay comfortable. And if you live in an area prone to heat and storm related power outages, then you absolutely should have instant cooling towels on hand. Whether a temporary power outage for a few hours and a multi-day power outage after a hurricane, instant cooling towels will help you get through your day.

A Great Gift Idea

Because they are so useful, instant cooling towels make for great gifts. They are a natural accessory to just about any sport or indoor and outdoor activity that involves exerting effort. As a birthday gift, stocking stuffer, thank you gift, or just a “happy”, you can be assured that the gift of an instant cooling towel will be used and appreciated.


The above list of instant cooling towel uses is merely a good start as there are so many more potential uses for these handy little guys. How many of these uses resonated with you? One, a few, several? If you are like most folks, the answer is “several” and you no doubt have plenty of opportunities to use and enjoy the benefits of instant cooling towels. They really work. You won’t be hot and bothered with your decision to give instant cooling towels a try!

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