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How Instant Cooling Towels Work

How Instant Cooling Towels Work

Instant cooling towels have given towel-snapping a whole new meaning. Where once upon a time, towel-snapping was a locker room activity that adolescent boys excelled at, now towel-snapping has been taken to a whole new level with synthetic microfiber fabrics designed to maximize evaporative cooling. But to get the chill, you need to know the drill.

What is an Instant Cooling Towel?

An Instant Cooling Towel is a towel that is made from special performance microfiber fabric that is designed to immediately cool down and remain cool for up to two hours when wet and activated. Additionally, instant cooling towels are designed to be soft, lightweight, breathable, long-lasting, machine washable, and free of chemicals.

How Instant Cooling Towels Work

Instant cooling towels work on the principle of evaporative cooling. This is the reduction of a surface temperature that occurs when the evaporation of a liquid takes place. The instant cooling towel absorbs water and moisture and distributes it evenly throughout the fabric. This regulates the evaporation which keeps the towel cooler for longer periods of time. To activate the instant cooling towel, you simply wet the towel, wring it out, and then snap and swing the towel.

How Cool and How Long?

On average, you can expect the instant cooling towel to cool down 30-35 degrees from your body temperature which will roughly be 65 degrees to the touch. On a hot day or after a vigorous workout, this will feel very cool and refreshing. You can expect the cooling towel to stay cool for up to two hours. And of course, you can continually wet and snap the towel to reactivate it.

Can any House Towel be a Cooling Towel

Yes and no. Of course, the principles of evaporative cooling apply to ordinary house towels. When you wet a house towel, ring it, and snap it, it will also feel cool, but only for a short period of time. Since an ordinary house towel is not made with the special purpose microfiber fabric, it will not be able to absorb and spread moisture, regulate evaporation, and keep the towel cool. Also, an ordinary house towel will likely to too big to use effectively and it will not pack and stow as conveniently as instant cooling towels do.


Instant cooling towels work. Simply wet, wring, and snap and you will get the immediate benefits of evaporative cooling. If your life activities involve being in the hot sun, being in a hot room, having a heated and perspiring disposition on account of rigorous activity or merely being under the weather, instant cooling towels can give you relief. If you aren’t using instant cooling towels already, you should give them a try. After all, the only thing you have to lose is unwanted body heat!

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