Treating skin burns with UV Compression Arm Sleeves and Calf Sleeves

Treating skin burns with UV Compression Arm Sleeves and Calf Sleeves

Have you or someone you know suffered from a bad skin burn? It is bad enough to lose a house or one’s possessions, but worse than that can be the time and pain that a burn patient must go through to recover from their injuries. Compression garments are one of the treatments for skin burn that help to decrease the incidence of scarring.

How Compression Helps

Almost always, a common complication that someone who is badly burned is likely to experience is a scar. Though scars may not necessarily lead to a physical problem, they can and often do lead to emotional stress. A compression garment is one of the methods used to minimize scarring. They work by applying pressure, a tight fit, to the area of your skin that is affected which flattens and improves the appearance of a scar.

Types of Compression Garments

There are many different kinds of compression garments such as bandages, pre-fabricated garments designed to cover areas of your body that are commonly injured in a burn, custom made garments that are produced according to your unique requirements, and a wide variety of multi-use commercially available products such as compress arm sleeves, compression calf sleeves, and compression body wear.

Typically, in the early stages of scarring you will be wearing the compression garment 24 hours a day with the exception of taking it off for bathing and dressing.  As always, your doctor can tell you how long and for how many hours a day you will need to wear your compression garment.  It could be for up to two years after your burn.

The Importance of UV Protection

Not all compression garments provide UV protection. The UV rays of the sun are bad for burned skin and scars. Though many people believe that exposing a scar to the sun will even out the color of your skin, the exact opposite is true. The sun is the last thing your scar needs as it can harm and permanently discolor your scar.

You can wear UV compression garments such as UV arm sleeves and UV calf sleeves to protect your scars. Depending upon the severity and freshness of your burn, you can wear UV arm sleeves and UV calf sleeves over your scar or over your bandages or over other compression garments that do not have UV protection.

Compression Garment Care

Compression garments need a little more care than everyday clothing. Some compression garments may need to be hand washed with mild detergent or soap. Others can be machine washed and dried. Always check the label.


If you have had a bad burn, you might want or need to wear compression garments to minimize scarring. It may take up to two years to properly treat your scar condition. Don’t forget to keep your scar out of the sun. Exposing your scar to the sun will not make it look like the rest of your skin, it will make the scar look worse and darker and can possibly inflame it. Consider wearing UV compression arm sleeves and UV compression calf sleeves to keep you scar compressed and protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

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