Uvoider UV Arm Sleeves – Neon Yellow with Safety Reflector Strip – For when safety matters..!

Uvoider UV Arm Sleeves - Neon Yellow with Safety Reflector Strip

As an avid runner and cyclist, I am noticing more and more that drivers of cars, SUVs, minivans and trucks seem to be driving their vehicles with one eye on the road and another eye on their handheld device. If you are like me, the incidence of danger while running and cycling has not just increased significantly over the years but it is an all too predictable and regularly occurring event. Fortunately, I have found something that really helps. Let me tell you about Uvoider UV Arm Sleeves 225 Neon Yellow with Safety Reflector Strip.

UV Compression Arm Sleeves 225 Neon Yellow

The Uvoider UV Compression Arm Sleeves 225 Neon Yellow are one of the 40 colors and designs that can be found at Uvoider.com. Like all the other Uvoider UV Arm Sleeves, these sleeves fit great and are of the highest quality. They come in 10 sizes from Youth Small (YS) to Triple Extra Large (3XL). They are sold as a pair, provide UPF 50+ sun protection, are made of fabric that is 80% polyester and 20% spandex, and they can be machine washed, and cool-cycle dried.

Enhanced Safety with Color and Reflection

The Uvoider UV Compression Arm Sleeves 225 Neon Yellow enhance safety with color and reflection. The neon yellow is highly visible and the reflective strip that is one the back of the arm sleeves provides additional attention-grabbing detail. The 225 Neon Yellow sleeves are not only effective at night time and low light conditions, there are also very noticeable during the middle of the day. For runners and cyclists, this is a great way to improve safety and to make yourself as noticeable as possible to others on the road.

Neon Yellow Arm Sleeves and Calf Sleeves – Wear as a Combination

In addition to UV Arm Sleeves, many runners and cyclists are wearing UV Calf Sleeves. The same benefits that are realized with arm sleeves are also enjoyed with calf sleeves such as UV protection, compression, moisture-wicking and cooling, performance and support, etc. You can wear neon yellow arm and calf sleeves as a combination to both enjoy your sport and to help keep you safe.

My First Safety Experience Wearing Neon Yellow

My first safety experience wearing neon yellow Uvoider UV Arm Sleeves and Calf Sleeves happened on my very first run with them. I had just left the house and was jogging through the neighborhood on my way to our community running path when a car hastily backed out of a driveway somewhat hidden by a row of hedges. The driver nearly hit me.

Though I might have gotten out of the car’s way on my own, it was a relief that the driver spotted my and stopped. A gave a nod to driver and keep jogging and when the driver caught up to me, he rolled down his window to apologize.

I appreciated the apology. But what I appreciated more were the words of the driver that I heard next. He said that the only thing he saw was my neon yellow arm sleeves and calf sleeves and that if I wasn’t wearing them, he would have not noticed my presence and likely would have hit me.

Never Leave Home Without Them

As a runner and cyclist, I have lost count of the close calls that I have had where a driver of a vehicle of some kind failed to notice my presence. To no surprise, the painted line on the side of the road indicating the bicycle lane is hardly a guarantee of safety. When car hits bicycle, bicycle and bicycler always lose.

Car Hits Bicycle

Helping drivers see me is one of the reasons that when going for a run or cycle, I never leave home without my neon yellow arm and calf sleeves.

Uvoider Neon Yellow Arm and Calf Sleeves

UV Arm Sleeves 225 Neon Yellow
UV Arm Sleeves 225 Neon Yellow

UV Calf Sleeves 407 Neon Yellow
UV Calf Sleeves 407 Neon Yellow

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