The Uvoider Explorer Hat – A great hat for your autumn adventures..!

The Uvoider Explorer Hat - A great hat for your autumn adventures

Autumn is a beautiful time of year when outdoor enthusiasts look forward to cooler weather. Though the hot days of summer have left us, the sun hasn’t gone anywhere. Here are ten reasons why the Uvoider Explorer Hat is a great hat for your autumn adventures.

#1: Head, Neck, and Face Protection

The Uvoider UV Explorer Hat has a broad 3.5 inch front and side brim and a long 7 inch back flap. Like a bucket hat with a long back flap, the Uvoider UV Explorer Hat keeps the sun off your face and neck. This extra protection is crucial for autumn outdoor enthusiasts as it protects both the direct sunlight as well as the indirect reflective sunlight that emanates from the earth. Though the autumn weather feels cooler, you are still exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun and need to cover your head, neck, and face.

#2: UPF 50+ Sun Protection

The Uvoider UV Explorer Hat is rated at UPF 50+ offering the autumn outdoor enthusiast a very high level of sun protection.

#3: Eye-wear Grip

The Uvoider UV Explorer Hat has a unique feature called the Eyewear Grip™ which holds your glasses in place on the outside of your hat. Each side of the hat has a quarter inch wide rubber gripping strip that is sewn into the hat. This keeps your eyewear firmly in place, your hat clean, and your head free from marks. As clouds roll in and out and light conditions change throughout the autumn day, the Eyewear Grip™ provides a convenient and reliable spot for you to place your glasses.

#4: Lightweight and Comfortable

At just over 3 ounces, you will enjoy how the Uvoider UV Explorer Hat feels on your head. And when you need to take your hat off for a moment or pack it, it easily folds and can be tucked away.

#5: Water Resistant

Made of 100% nylon, the Uvoider UV Bucket Hat is water resistant. When caught in an autumn mist or rain you will stay dry. And you can hand wash and lay your hat flat to dry keeping it clean and looking new.

#6: Quick Drying

The Uvoider UV Explorer Hat is made of quick drying fabric. So when you are caught in an autumn mist or rain, the Uvoider UV Explorer Hat will protect you from the elements and then quickly dry once the sun comes out.

#7: Adjustable Buckle at Back of Hat

The Uvoider UV Explorer Hat has an adjustable size buckle at the back of the hat that enables you to match the fit of your hat to the autumn weather. For windy days, the adjustable size buckle can be tightened to the just right amount to keep it securely in place. For cold days, it can be loosened so that your can wear the hat over a bandana skull cap or beanie.

#8: Adjustable Chin Strap

The Uvoider UV Explorer Hat has an adjustable chin strap that can be tightened to keep your hat in place on those extra windy autumn days. And when the chin strap is not needed, it can be worn behind your head so would not even notice it.

#9: Versatile

The Uvoider UV Explorer Hat can be worn for all kinds of autumn outdoor sports and activities such as golf, tennis, fishing, hunting, hiking, bird watching, beach going, visiting parks and recreational areas, picnicking, sitting by the pool, going for a walk, attending outdoor events, and more.

#10: Stylish

The Uvoider UV Explorer Hat is very stylish. It is a unique and beautiful hat that is definitely eye-catching making it not just a style statement but a helpful aid to being spotted. In the event a member of your group gets separated from you, they will be able to easily spot you in your Uvoider UV Explorer Hat.

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